Each part of you contains energy, life force, a totally unique way to be alive, to act, and has unique gifts and characteristics.

Imagining the skills that are present in a village between the different people, plants, elements and animals living in it.

Some can cook, some can play, some can heal, some can cut hair, some can grow food, some can pull, some can make love, some can dream, …

Well, it is the same inside of you. You own inner village, made of all the different parts in you is bubbling with richness, diversity and unexpected gifts, connecting you with all the mystery of what it is to be a human being on this mysterious planet.

But like in fairy tales, your inner village might have been covered partly by a lake, some mud or sand and you are not able to access some of it. You are restricted to only some parts of it, living on the surface, with a sense of there is much more to you, but you don’t know how to access it.

You are bored, frustrated, you feel restricted. You feel conditioned by what the outside world wants from you, but really, it doesn’t fit, and you know it.

Be prepared for the unexpected because the unraveling of parts’s work, is like a treasure chest. There is a whole village mostly dormant inside with all its lights, shapes, buildings, paths, wells, trees, animals, poets, villagers and weird creatures waiting for you.

When you realise the way that you can let them express through you effortlessly, you are being filled by aliveness, grace, freedom and empowerment.

There is a space where you can connect even beyond yourself, where you become a ‘hollow bone’, as you have learned to dive deep inside you and to receive life wanting to express through you. This is service of people around you and our communities

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Artist credit: unknown