Voice Dialogue


Would you like to step out of repetitive patterns

and have the capacity to make more conscious choices in each moment

so that your life can start to have more colours, shades and diversity?

Voice Dialogue process which is based on the Psychology of Selves, acknowledges that as human beings we have access to lots of polarities within oursleves.  When we become identified with one of them without consciousness and energetic awareness, we create a tension inside of ourselves, like a traffic jam.  We usually also push down the opposite aspect which then becomes what we call a ‘disowned self’.  Both these movements create tension and un-ease within our psyche and can be felt throughout our daily life in the way of stress, tiredness, boredom, low self esteem, anxiety, self criticism, impatience, etc.   

Voice Dialogue is an embodied process that allows you to access these parts and patterns within you and then allows you to separate energetically from then.  This gives you an energetic awareness and an ability to make conscious choices in each moment.  Lastly, by stepping out of repetitive patterns, you are making space for new parts and less well known parts to come and offer their gifts to you.  Your life starts to have more colours, shades and diversity for you to play with.





The Voice Dialogue sessions happen Online.  The duration is 90 or 120 minutes. Three Tiers prices are available *


90 minutes


BUNDLE 3 sessions of 90 min
BUNDLE 3 Sessions 120 min

* In response to the financial situation that is strongly affecting some of us, the fees of the workshop are now organised between 3 Tiers, depending on your financial situation. This is a system that works towards more equality, mutual trust and abundance. Do read carefully the details of the 3 Tiers at the bottom of the page, and thank you for choosing the Tier that applies to you with integrity.  Don’t hesitate getting in touch with me if you have any questions. 

Cancellation policy: any session cancelled within 2 days before the date set will still be due to be paid. Validity :Each bundle is valid for 5 months dating from the date of purchase.


“After my first Voice Dialogue session with Christie I can already feel the transformative and illuminating power of this work and the way it can highlight and bring forward strands of your personal makeup and the voices of your internal characters. This is a mysterious and nourishing work and I can already feel the deep importance of it and a sense of responsibility to do more. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather be working together with on this than Christie. Much gratitude.”

Jack Durtnall


“My session with Christie brought up some totally unexpected things. I feel very grateful for the experiences I had, particularly of being with my inner toddler in her need to be held in her anger. By the end of the 90 mins, I felt very tender towards the parts of myself that had shown up.   I have taken the experience in my life and can feel the benefit of the session even now, weeks later. Christie held the session very calmly and invitingly and I found myself at ease and able to be free. I particularly appreciated her attentiveness and open curiosity and absolute absence of judgment.”

Katy Jockelson

Web Developer

“Just one Voice Dialogue session was enough to bring new awareness to parts of myself which really needed to be heard, and also those voices which were missing inside me. I entered the experience without any idea of what would take place, but it was still easy to surrender and follow in response to Christie’s skillful questioning and get deeper into playing out some of the voices in my psyche in a safe and non-judgemental way.  The session flowed naturally and left me with a lot of insight in a short time. I loved the combination of psychotherapeutic and theatrical approaches and I would love to do more…”

Rozi Mabob

Workshop Leader, Poet and Puppet Maker



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