Christie is such an inspirational being, full of grace. I really admire on how ‘on it’, direct, ambitious clear and communicative she is in holding the space and how elegantly she holds what is happening within herself.  She  offers a deep holding that creates a space of permission for people to drop inwards.  Her complete embodiment of the practice allows people to take the space. I loved how she introduced her work weaving her wisdom and experience with the exercices.

Zuma Puma

International Clown, Workshop Leader and NLP Practictioner

“Christie’s presence and way of holding is extremely beautiful and unique. It is a gorgeous indefinable melange of characteristic that she brings from a very kind of grounded holding and deep wisdom and beautiful way with words, this wonderful ability to be funny, playful and quirky. It means that she can communicate what she is are trying to say in these beautiful colourful ways that really help people to understand, to relate, to connect. It is such a wonderful authentic way of connecting with people and I just love that. I honour her journey with it all, bringing her truth and vulnerability to all of us,  and how powerful that is for all of us. Modelling these things to each and working out these  circular model of power, it is very inspiring and supportive to have her walking the path the way that she is.”  

Ruth Blake

Musiscian and Song writer


“My session with Christie brought up some totally unexpected things. I feel very grateful for the experiences I had, particularly of being with my inner toddler in her need to be held in her anger. By the end of the 90 mins, I felt very tender towards the parts of myself that had shown up.   I have taken the experience in my life and can feel the benefit of the session even now, weeks later. Christie held the session very calmly and invitingly and I found myself at ease and able to be free. I particularly appreciated her attentiveness and open curiosity and absolute absence of judgment.”

Katy Jockelson

Web Developer

“Just one Voice Dialogue session was enough to bring new awareness to parts of myself which really needed to be heard, and also those voices which were missing inside me. I entered the experience without any idea of what would take place, but it was still easy to surrender and follow in response to Christie’s skillful questioning and get deeper into playing out some of the voices in my psyche in a safe and non-judgemental way.  The session flowed naturally and left me with a lot of insight in a short time. I loved the combination of psychotherapeutic and theatrical approaches and I would love to do more…”

Rozi Mabob

Workshop Leader, Poet and Puppet Maker

“After my first Voice Dialogue session with Christie I can already feel the transformative and illuminating power of this work and the way it can highlight and bring forward strands of your personal makeup and the voices of your internal characters. This is a mysterious and nourishing work and I can already feel the deep importance of it and a sense of responsibility to do more. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather be working together with on this than Christie. Much gratitude.”

Jack Durtnall



” The Fool Expression workshop was a chance to listen to parts of me I had buried for a long time and access both difficult and joyous emotions that I had neglected.  Christie is a patient and kind facilitator, whose presence soothes the inquietudes of the group from the outset of the retreat.  I left the workshop feeling more confident in showing my vulnerable sides and with tools that I could apply to my career, relationships and spirituality. I also recommend Christie’s method of play, for those who may have experimented with meditation and are seeking movement to compliment their practice.”

Shehan Mod

Consultant in engineering and infrastructure advisory services sector

” Christie holds the space for us in such a gentle and honest way. It has been a pleasure to be in my discomfort with her.   I was touched by the allowance of what was arising and following that in giving extra space or accommodate the exercise to particular needs.  Since the workshop,  my week has been more grounded even though work has been busy and more challenging. I went to my rabbit hole but came out again quite quickly as I am feeling more settled.  I am so grateful for having been part of the fooling workshop, it was a gift I needed. 

Andrea Razdikova

Payroll & Welfare

“I loved the Fool Expression workshop and Christie’s facilitation – It has definitely made life more fun – I have found more playfulness in everyday situations. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to bring more connection with any parts of their self which might enjoy being gently coaxed out of retirement! I would definitely love to do more.”

Allan Kerr

Workshop leader and musician

“The Fool Expression introduction was transformative.  Christie has a unique ability to create a very safe and nurturing space…really – the strongest, gentlest, warmest I’ve experienced: she is an exceptional facilitator.  I am transformed by the introduction to the masks.  Wearing my doctor, scientist, human-interest mask : I can see how play bypasses the barriers and walls we have created in our fear-based reaction to life.  Making contact with people through their ‘masks’ seemed to be the essence of consultation – moments of authentic expression and the silence that often naturally follows.  The experience was transformative to gently be introduced to my own illusions, the illusions I create in the wearing of my masks.   This was an invitation to dance with life.  Ongoing to med school at age 19, I had one question, ‘What makes us unwell and what makes us well again?”  I believe Fool Expression must be one of the most effective ways to explore that question.”

Annabel Smart


“Thank you so much for two amazing days. I’m still feeling a deep sense of newness and clarity now that I’ve been home for a couple of days. You ran the weekend with a wonderful, light touch. I felt fully supported and never pressured, judged or smothered. You are a gifted and understanding teacher. I really feel that I was enabled to find strength, courage and depths of expression that were—seemingly—unavailable to me before this weekend. While this felt challenging, of course, it was also graceful, natural, fun and never overwhelming. I feel far richer for it. Again, thank you!”

Tony Mills

Care Worker

“Christie very beautifully and tenderly holds a space which for me felt full of permission. The permission to explore what it means to be fully myself, to allow the multiverse that is me to have free expression. The honesty latent in that is a potent and liberating mix which left me feeling that I had pressed the re-set button on my life.” Suzi Crockford ~ Shamanic practitioner

Suzi Crockford

Shamanic Practitioner, Dartmoor Drums

“A very wonderful and empowering experience facilitated in a wholly professional and nurturing way by Christie in a beautiful and comfortable environment. This course has really opened my eyes and connected me to the healing power of witnessing and being fully witnessed within a well-structured programme of physical creative expression. The course pushed my boundaries in lots of ways but I always felt safely held and the structured feedback was well managed and sustaining. Thank you. I look forward to enjoying and exploring more fully and fooly the power of this gift.”

Arainn Hawker

Outdoor Educator

“I just wanted to say thanks again for facilitating this work for us over this last weekend.  I did find it challenging, but every time I met with the unknown I was surprised, delighted and had a great sense of relief. For me, the unknown has always been a frightening dark abyss, yet just with this taster intro weekend and stepping into the unknown a few times, my perspective has greatly shifted. It’s still scary yes, but instead of a dark, frightening, all-consuming abyss that must feel horrible and lets just not go there kind of place…  I see below me, looking off the ‘cliff of knowing’, or at least what my ego thinks I know, a vast colourful spectrum. Yes there is black, and also white, but there’s are so many different shades and hues you can reach, grasp and easily move in to.  Going through this process has been like a mirror for my life, and I’ve stopped myself so many times for fear of the unknown. And now is only the beginning, thank you for revealing and sharing this path.”

Louise Littera

Home educator

“I just want to say a massive thank you for this weekend. Wow I’m feeling so much integrating still and like a warm fuzzy tiredness added too by the success of my first day at Uni.   So transformative. Feeling truly embodied and in touch with the different aspects of myself. Liberating and empowering and after that introduction taster I definitely have a taste for some more fooling!

Laura Hamlyn

Yoga teacher and fitness instructor

“What a great leader Christie is. Not much has come up for me except a huge amount of positive emotional shifts. Feel like I’ve had a massive soul work out. And Christie’s person direct reflection was worth its weight in gold just as a healing session let alone the rest of all the fantastic knowledge.  My mental health problems didn’t come up too badly so it all went really well. Handsome really positive shifts that are really helping me work my life out.”

Adam Moore

Performance Art Theory Writer and Artist