Up the hill.  Here I am,

Opening to the earth as I walk

Opening to our relation

How is it ?

I feel some fresh air coming between my toes

Openings, soft tickling running up my feet

In a delicious, sensual feeling

Where is it going ?

It goes up my legs.

In the outside and in the Inside

Further up, in my yoni

Then up and opens my womb space

Like lungs welcoming air after a long outbreath

( breathing in)

The opening of my new ‘womb lung’

Bring light, awareness in sensations in my upper body

The energy is running upwards in and around my physicality

It is filled with a soothing ‘honey like’ feeling,

And the relaxing sound of bees flying around

This energy meets and surrounds part of my inside and outside body

That feels tense, shy, restricted

For how many days ?

In a soothing, warm and gentle slow wave

As I walk on the earth,

Energy runs from the veins of my feet, to the constitution of my legs

Through my womb, that feels now like an ‘air mill’

And is spread in an instant in all my cells

Supported by the awareness of my Breath.

Ticklings in my body

Breathing In