There is nothing wrong about falling down

The best growth roots itself in the darkest and deepest underground

Yes it can be a surprise to suddenly be taken into Hades cave

You feel like you didn’t choose it

You feel disarmed

The only thing you can feel is your pain, your fear

You wonder how you will deal with the world out there feeling so vulnerable 

And it might freak you out even more

But listen, there is nothing wrong about falling down.  And I am saying this to you and to me.

To my friends when they forget about it.  As they remind me when I do.

The best growth roots itself in the darkest and deepest underground.

This is because our vulnerability and openness is power

The more we make space to allow it inside of us when she knocks at the door

The more she opens us like water pushing the edges of some soft grounds

She opens us, and because our hearts are bigger, because our belly is wider from all the crying,

because we have released and let go so much through our tears

There is space for life itself to come in. 

Like a warm mist, filling the space in your chest, inside your arms.

In the back of your heart and in your hips. 

Your feet might start to tickle.  You are ascending back out of the cave.  Carried by thousand nymphs. 

You don’t need to do anything.  Relax, receive.  This is another resurrection. 

You are bringing the wisdom of the underground back out to the world. 

You are bigger, more radiant. 

You remember now, there is nothing wrong about falling down.