I would like now to address a message to each one of you reading this post, longing maybe somewhere to do some fooling but finding it ” too scary”.

The word ” Fool” is powerful and imbued of many connotations and ideas. There are different schools of Fooling, and they can be really different in their approaches, values and technics.

The Fool’s work coming from Franki s Anderson, and the work that I offer is a very gentle and progressive process that helps you to come closer to yourself and your body.  You are firstly guided to find a somatic sense of home and safety and learn to resource yourself from this place. This is a place that you can then always come back to if needed.

Progressively you are offered the opportunity to be witnessed in your sense of home. Because we are tribal creature, and that we need to connect with others to find more about ourselves, this benevolent witnessing allows you to deepen and strengthen this connection with yourself.

From this place some parts of you might rise and you can start exploring them, this is what we call ‘playing’. You realise that you have the actually the ability “play with your experience” instead of feeling the receiver of them and getting “stuck”. 

Through certain technics and types of feedback from the audience, you discover the gift that you are offering to the audience by being more fully yourself with the different parts in you.

The magic then kicks even more in as you realise that the audience want more of you expressing and sharing what is it really to be you, as it helped them to accept and show more who they are.  And it goes on…. The player’s play and authenticity encourage more play.

A real heart based, deeply fulfilling and surprising process.

What comes up for you as you read this ?

Artist credit: Marcel Van Luit