I have been hanging out and observing the life inside and around a pond the last days.  With this was the extraordinary cycle of a … becoming a dragonfly.

This process, made of different stages made me think of the Fool Expression process too.

By creative and magical conception, an egg is being seeded in the leaf of a plant.  The egg hatches and transforms in a nymph and migrates to bottom of a pond.  There the egg will stay for a long while, growing, maturing, developing inside all what it needs.  

By a creative and magical meeting, someone come to a fool expression weekend and this person and all his/her desires, dreams are being  dropped in a safe space.  This space we call it ‘Being time’  During that time, the player can grow, mature and connect and develop inside her/ him all what is needed for the next phase.  

When this phase is complete, the nymph starts migrating to the top of the water, taking time to adapt to the breathing process.  Then it  starts climbing on a stem outside of the water.  Meeting the elements.

Coming out of the inward time of ‘ Being’ in the Fool Expression process, the player, slowly starts to be aware of  the outside world, takes some bits, getting used to be seen, and observing the changes happening inside doing so. Bit by bit he/she comes out more, allows more.   It is a time of noticing and taking in and playing with what is.

The nymphs stays on the plant for days and when it has attained the next phase of evolution it starts to come out of its old skin, first a bit twisted, clumsy, but the wind, the sun and time allows the stunning body to take shape, the transparent wings to unfold.

The player is learning to play with what is inside of him/herself in relation with the outside world, and that makes him/her grow and mature more and more. She/he is not pushing things away but learning to use each bit.   Once she/he has developed an ease to play with all of these, the player starts to drop the masks that are restricting him/her and start to allow more and more new masks to come trough, a playful,  assertive, vulnerable, magical, fierce one, etc .   The collaboration with the audience enhances the player’s confidence and unfolding.  Being seen becomes nourishing and enhancing.   What completely stands out now is the vibrancy of the authenticity in each moment, which makes the presence of the player a direct experience with life itself.

The dragon fly has access now to it’s all body, and is ready to fly to meet the world.

The player has access now to all the masks inside him/herself, and is ready to fooly play.