18th March 2022



7 to 9.45pm

Angel Studio Totnes

✨What if the different parts in you could talk together?

✨Are you curious about the world inside of you?

✨Are you looking for strategies to support your mental and emotional wellbeing ?


The Fool Expression is calling us as humans to learn to play with all the masks or parts in ourselves. Some known, some not known yet. This way we connect to more aliveness, creativity, inner peace, connection with others and with ourselves.

It is a deeply playful and transformative process. It allows us to dive deeper into ourselves through a safe connection with an audience. In this benevolent container, our human nature is called to open, express and bring transformation.

The Fool is the part of us that can journey from one aspect or ourselves to another. He or She harvests the essence and the life force of each aspect, playing it fully, all this without being attached to any.

She or he plays inner dramas as they rise up inside. This for its own sake, but we realise soon enough that she or he plays also for the audience.

The fool’s work brings the theatre back into the centre of the community. A place to play, and most important to just be who we are, with all the quirkiness that goes with it.

Remembering and experiencing the mystery that links us all together. One foot in the known, one foot in the unknown the Fool is free, and fully alive.

To be able to access our Inner Fool, to have the freedom of being fully alive at each moment and sharing that with an audience, we meet and learn to play with a range of masks: the mask of ourselves who holds us back; the ones who long to show up; the one who keeps us small; the one who wants to share the uniqueness and subtlety of our being; the mask who knows; the mask who doesn’t know…

In this Taster, I will invite the participants to deepen their relation with the body, learn the basics of the Fool’s Way on stage, explore and learn how to play with the different masks/ personalities in ourselves as we step on a stage, and explore the relationship with an audience.

This work comes from the lineage of the Fool work of Franki Anderson. It is also based on the Voice Dialogue model of consciousness and the psychology of selves and is trauma informed.



– interested in personal development and spirituality, you want to experience an embodied and fun way to touch the mystery inside of yourself and come out of restrictive patterns
– a therapist and you want to explore new embodied approach to feed your practice
– an artist and you want to enhance your creative expression and find new resources from which to express yourself
– you are a parent and you want to have space for the different experiences in you and find new ways to be playful with your child or children
– an activist and you want to learn to harness the energy of all your aspects to enhance your action with energy and resilience
– you are a seeker, maybe in a transition time, and want to find out more about yourself and what wants to come next in your life

Welcome to fulfilling journey !



With a decade of experience in creative and embodied personal development practices mixed with myth, connection to nature and emotional intelligence, Christie discovered a wealth of resources that are being mis-used or lying dormant within us.

Christie is now showing people how to harness all these aspects so they can see them as gifts and thereby bring aliveness and constant creativity to their lives.

Christie as a degree in occupational therapy, a specialisation in child psychiatry. She trained as a Voice Dialogue practitioner in Dorset, UK, as a Fool with Franki Anderson and in the 8 Shields Model. She is currently training in Body Informed Leadership.

She is offering her work in the UK and throughout Europe, and has created and gathered an expanding, vibrant community of players in the South West of England. She also works one-to-one using the Voice Dialogue process and performs and improvises her own music using the Fool Expression’s practice.


“I just wanted to say thanks again for facilitating this work for us over this last weekend. I did find it challenging, but every time I met with the unknown I was surprised, delighted and had a great sense of relief. For me the unknown has always been a frightening dark abyss, yet just with this taster intro weekend and stepping in to the unknown a few times, my perspective has greatly shifted. It’s still scary yes, but instead of a dark, frightening, all-consuming abyss that must feel horrible and lets just not go there kind of place… I see below me, looking off the ‘cliff of knowing’, or at least what my ego thinks I know, a vast colourful spectrum. Yes there is black, and also white, but there’s are so many different shades and hues you can reach, grasp and easily move in to.
Going through this process has been like a mirror for my life, and I’ve stopped myself so many times for fear of the unknown. And now is only the beginning, thank you for revealing and sharing this path. Louise Littera – Home educator

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