Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th of December 2022 


Welcome to Mid Devon for a Weekend of play with the Fool Expression practice. 

A weekend in the countryside to explore the Hearth of our Inner Village; the ‘ Heart-Fool ‘ place within us that alchemise what we perceive around us and within us. Winter time invite us to slow down, to go inside and find the warm within to come and rest. Welcome to this journey within yourself. The weekend will also offer some group play to explore our relation to the other, to interaction and to play.

Come to learn new techniques and give your player opportunities to discover more about yourself, your heart and the mystery that links us all.  

This workshop is for players who have already done an Introduction to Fool Expression.


PLACE: Yeoford Hall – Mid Devon

TIMINGS: 10am to 6pm both days

LIFTS: do get in touch if you offer or are looking for a lift. 

SLEEPING : There are local B&B and also the possibility to sleep in the hall. Do get in touch for more details

Artist : Rima Staines




TIER 1 :  £170

TIER 2 : £140

TIER 3 : £100

In response to the financial situation that is strongly affecting some of us, the fees of the workshop are now organised between 3 Tiers, depending on your financial situation. This is a system that works towards more equality, mutual trust and abundance. Do read carefully the details of the 3 Tiers at the bottom of the page, and thank you for choosing the Tier that applies to you with integrity.  Don’t hesitate getting in touch with me if you have any questions.


You can read more about these ‘Sliding Scales’ here :

Once you have booked, you will receive a payment confirmation and some more practical information about the camp closer to the time.

Terms & Conditions:   If you cancel over two weeks before the start of the workshop the amount over and above the deposit is transferable to another workshop within the next 5 months.