Playing and working with the Different Parts in you at home

 a Learning Journey with Christie Animas

~ NOVEMBER Online Course ~ 


Group Sessions:  19.00 to 21.30 (GMT London UK TIME)

Every Tuesday 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th of November 22

Investment: from £200 – £405 (more details below)

Registration: to secure your place on the course book yourself here

Places limited to 8 participants.



What You Will Get:

 – 3x 20 min One-to-One call with Christie; before, after the course and after a month to assess where you are at, how you are doing with the practice and what you need.

– 5 Weekly ZOOM  LIVE SESSION of 2h30  

– 5 Weekly HOME PLAY EXERCISES  estimated at 1 to 2 hours per week 

– 5 Weekly  CHECKING & INTEGRATION time with another participant

– Private FACEBOOK ACCOUNTABILITY GROUP to share your daily practices with other, learn from others and be supported

– An exclusive GROUP of 8 people maximum

– The teachings will be RECORDED and accessible for your life time

– extra Online VOICE DIALOGUE Sessions if required ( see below )



 “After working with Christie I am feeling a deep sense of newness and clarity.  I felt fully supported and never pressured, judged or smothered. Christie is a a gifted and understanding teacher. I was enabled to find strength, courage and depths of expression that were—seemingly—unavailable to me before. While this felt challenging, of course, it was also graceful, natural and fun.” Tony Millis 

*Check out for more reviews



– Access an enabling clarity about the patterns that drive your life

– Be nourished by an intimate connection with the main aspects in you

– Bring a sense of play and curiosity to your daily experiences

– Make space for new aspects to become available in you

– Have more energy and spaciousness in your life

– Connect with the mystery of life and what wants to be revealed through you



In our culture it is very easy to identify with one or a few aspects in ourselves and to let them lead our lives from their point of view, experience and restricted spectrum of competence. Example; the good girl/boy, the polite one, positive one, the joker, the victim, the judge, the wounded child, the pusher, etc…

In doing so we stay stuck in repetitive patterns and we drastically restrict ourselves in our growth as well as in our potential for joy, aliveness, authenticity, expression and creativity.

Many of us join workshops throughout the year to find inspiration, experience, shifts and come to important realisations.  Then once we come home the old patterns (and the parts in us that holds them in place) slowly come back and we struggle to hold that alchemical transformational process for ourselves.

In this five week experiential course I am going to share tools that are drawn from different practices. Amongst those: the Voice Dialogue Aware Ego process, Fool Expression, Focusing, and some creative processes. These practices that I personally use on a regular basis as ‘Solo Play’ allow us to keep exploring and unravelling patterns as well as integrating insights and new ways of being in our daily life.

After the course you will be able to practice daily personal exploration in a structured, safe, and very rewarding way. This will allow you to journey more freely in yourself and your ‘Inner Village’ ( the many parts inside of you ) and so to create and play more easily with the different aspects in you.  All this bringing a sense of freedom, possibility, play and new agency.

This journey invites you to say ‘Yes!’ to all that is alive in us, and to learn to fully engage with it.  This is Play, this is how we are Creators and Contributors in this life. This is a course for you and indirectly for all your community surrounding you. Are you ready to be a beacon  of  expression, authenticity and creativity for yourself and others?  Welcome!

This is the first version of this course that has been brewing for a while and I am really excited to explore this with you while exploring myself in this way too ! 




WEEK 1: ANCHORING INNER RESOURCES. In this first week I will guide you to access aspects in you that offers grounding, support and regulation and you will experience how to use them energetically in your daily life and in relation to other parts in you. 

Practices: Focusing & Energetic Awareness.

WEEK 2 : WHAT ARE YOUR PRIMARY SELVES. In this second week we will start to identify what are the parts that runs your life, what are their history, aims, gifts, body imprint and the way they act in your life. We will start to look also at the parts that are disowned. 

Practice:  Create your Inner Village Card Deck made of the different parts in you & Constellation work.

WEEK 3: THE THREE TYPES OF INNER CHILDREN IN YOU. This third week will give you an embodied experience of the playful, magical and vulnerable child and the wealth they can bring to your life. 

Practice: Being Space which allows parts in you to express and reveal themselves and for you to play with this experiences.

WEEK 4:  INNER PARENT & RELATIONAL INNER CONVERSATIONS. This week will allow you to identify clearly the type of Inner Parent you have inside of you and then if needed to ‘upgrade them’ to what you would like them to be. You will then experience how it is to interact from them with other parts in you.  

Practice:  Cushion Work.

WEEK 5 : STEWARD YOUR INNER VILLAGE. This last week will allow you to experience in an embodied and energetic way the wholesomeness of your Inner Village while sitting still. You will bring any last aspects that feels needed to you in this time in your life. You will learn how you can govern and tend to the different aspects from this stillness.  

Practice: Integrative Parts Meditation and Aware Ego Process.

Other practices like journaling, drawing, mapping, existential play will be woven during these five weeks. 




– Clients and participants who have already worked with me through Fool Expression and/or Voice Dialogue. *


– New participants with previous parts work experience or new to the process. You will book 2 sessions with me alongside the course. (The first one is a Taster Session of £35 that needs to happen before the course start.)

*Note: To get the most of the course I recommend booking a Voice Dialogue Bundle which will give you  3 x 90 min individual sessions online to deepen and anchor your findings during this Learning Journey. 


COSTS* :  

(12h30 Hours of Group Session Online, 60 min One to One coaching with Christie, Weekly Exercises and Accountability Group) 

– Course:

Tier 1  £200 Supported Place

Tier 2   £260 Full Price Place

Tier 3   £310 Supporter Place ( offers support to those who could not attend otherwise )

– Voice Dialogue : Each participant needs to have had at least two Voice Dialogue sessions of 90 min with Christie already or book two sessions here:   Special price of £95. Total timing 180 min. (The first session will be booked before the course starts) 

* Check the details of the Tiers in the event.



Tuesday 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th of November 22



Voice Dialogue is an embodied process that allows us to recognise, access and get to know in an intimate way the different aspects in us. Most importantly, this process fosters an access to what we call the ‘Aware Ego Process’. This is the place within us where we can become aware of the different polarities in ourselves and where we can modulate and tend to them energetically. 



Fool Expression is a practice that allows us to befriend our bodies and access gently different parts or masks within. It is a supportive process in connection with others where we realise that we all ‘carry similar masks’ or patterns. This process draws on theatre practices as well as Voice Dialogue. It allow us to bring consciousness, play and theatre at the centre of our communities, to explore together what it is to be human. 



With a decade of experience in creative and embodied personal development practices Christie is showing people how to access, befriend and harness the energy and wealth of all the different aspects in us.  

Christie has a background of being a wild kid, escaping school to spend time with horses. Later on she got a degree in occupational therapy to explore how she could help people through creativity and connection with animals. She specialised then in child psychiatry before training as a Voice Dialogue practitioner in Dorset, UK, and as a Fool facilitator with Franki Anderson. She now focus all her work in working with adults who want to access  more inner freedom, play and creativity in their life.  She is offering her work in the UK and throughout Europe, and has created and gathered an expanding, vibrant community of players in the South West of England. She also works one-to-one using the Voice Dialogue process.


AFTER THE COURSE You will have :

– more awareness and clarity of what is happening in you at each moment 

– a set of different tools to carry on exploring, play and create from the places in you where you get stuck into, where you lack of inspiration and/ or gets triggered

– more interest towards any discomforts in you

– more compassion and understanding in what is happening for others

– more energy, spaciousness and creativity available to you



– Refund : As this is a small independent endeavour refunds will not be available. Should you wish to cancel and are in need of a refund there are other options available such as- Gifting your place or selling your place to someone in your network who is keen to participate before the course begins, this must be done before the start of the course.

– Participation: In the interests of holding the safest space I can for all participants, I reserve the right to require a participant to end their participation to the course if their participation is detrimental to the group. A refund will be given for the remainder. Before I act on it I will connect with the  participants and see if any adjustments can be made.






Christie very beautifully and tenderly holds a space which for me feels full of permission. The permission to explore what it means to be fully myself, to allow the multiverse that is me to have free expression. The honesty latent in that is a potent and liberating mix which left me feeling that I had pressed the re-set button on my life.” Suzi Crockford 

“Christie has a unique ability to create a very safe and nurturing space…really – the strongest, gentlest, warmest I’ve experienced: she is an exceptional facilitator.”

“Christie’s light but strong holding of the process, and her authentic, accepting presence created a safe and sacred space for the revealing of some unknown or hard to show parts of all of us present. Whatever was happening was happening and it was all a welcome part of this soul show. Such an invitation to allow all of yourself (no matter how shadowy) to be given voice is very rewarding.” Bell Selkie

“On the one hand, such a fun time and powerful fertiliser for creativity. On the other hand  a deep and profound healing medicine. I like myself more, accept myself more, know myself much more, and my creative juices are flowing strong from it.” Caraline Colett


In response to the financial situation that is strongly affecting some of us, the fees of the workshop are now organised between 3 Tiers, depending on your financial situation. This is a system that works towards more equality, mutual trust and abundance. Do read carefully the details of the 3 Tiers at the bottom of the page, and thank you for choosing the Tier that applies to you with integrity.  Don’t hesitate getting in touch with me if you have any questions.


TIER 1 :  £310

TIER 2 : £260

TIER 3 : £200

Voice Dialogue Bundle of 2 x 90 min : £95

You can read more about these ‘Sliding Scales’ here :