1st to 6th of June 24

The Fool Expression Summer camp is an immersion in outstanding nature, campfire, wild swimming, play on the land and under a huge geodome. A spacious camp to explore the Fool Expression play and create a Village with other players. The camp will allow the players to drop in the practice in a wholesome way; refining the different tools of the practice; the separation and discovery of masks, the different ways to express and journey inside, the different ways to access in a somatic way what is happening at each moment.  We will explore solo and group play as well as playing with nature and ritual. We will cook for each others and spend time around the swimming pond. Open to New Players. The camp will be assisted once again by Rozi Mabob.


TIMINGS :  Saturday 1st from 10 am to Thursday 6th at 6pm

DIRECTION: Hittisleigh Mid Devon UK

 PLACES: limited to 15 players

MEALS: Each player will bring the ingredient to cook a meal for around 15 people. Support will be available for this.

ACCOMMODATION : Camping ( included in price). 

PRE REQUISITE : If you haven’t participated to a Fool Expression Weekend or a Voice Dialogue session with Christie prior the camp, you need to book a one to one Voice Dialogue session on the website




Tier 1 : £500

Tier 2: £450

Tier 3:  £400

Deposit: 225**

* In response to the financial situation that is strongly affecting some of us, the fees of the workshop are now organised between 3 Tiers, depending on your financial situation. This is a system that works towards more equality, mutual trust and abundance. Do read carefully the details of the 3 Tiers at the bottom of the page, and thank you for choosing the Tier that applies to you with integrity.  Don’t hesitate getting in touch with me if you have any questions.



– an embodied sense of a home base within you
– practical tools to come closer to yourself in your daily life
– a better understanding of parts of yourself and a new relationship with them
– many new parts in you that have shown up and are now available
– an access to who you are beyond all these parts in you
– you will feel nourished and inspired by your inner player
– a supportive and safe connection with the other and with nature
– a sense of your place in a creative village
– lots of energy and excitement
– the desire to play in your daily life


– ABOUT CHRISTIE: With a decade of experience in creative and embodied personal development practices mixed with myth, connection to nature and emotional intelligence, Christie discovered a wealth of resources that are being mis-used or lying dormant within us.  Christie is now showing people how to harness all these aspects so they can see them as gifts and thereby bring aliveness and constant creativity to their lives. Christie as a degree in occupational therapy, a specialisation in child psychiatry. She trained as a Voice Dialogue practitioner in Dorset, UK, as a Fool with Franki Anderson, in the 8 Shields Model and in Body Informed Leadership. She is currently training with Atlas Talisman. She is offering her work in the UK and throughout Europe, and has created and gathered an expanding, vibrant community of players in the South West of England. She also works one-to-one using the Voice Dialogue process and performs and improvises her own music using the Fool Expression’s practice.

– ABOUT ROZI: Rozalie Hilton is an artist-facilitator and mentor, who works at the intersection of play and personal-development. She uses many art forms – including poetry, performance, movement, crafts and playfighting – to engender deep and connected spaces for learning. Rozalie offers retreats workshops and private sessions in beautiful outdoor locations,
empowering awareness and authentic identity. Her work incorporates influences from indigenous wisdom as well as psychotherapeutic approaches. (
“I feel strongly about the challenging dynamic of contemporary society and consider myself a cultural activist. I like games, physical interaction, absurdity, and hanging out in my animal body”


The Fool Summer Camp – 1-6  June – Open to new Players. This retreat is woven with a ‘Village Building’ experience inspired by the 8 Shields movement. It offers spacious being time on the land, solo and group play, ritual and games. 

The Fool Intensive – 20-23 June – For returning Players (who have done already a Fool Expression weekend Introduction). We will concentrate on playing all day long – and maybe evenings too, and exploring new tools associated with the practice and similar practices like psychodrama, Internal Family System, Relational Play. You will get to play and see a lot of play and dive more intensely in the practice and in the connection with others.

Contact me if you have any question. 


Once you have booked yourself, you will receive a payment confirmation and closer to the event you will receive some more practical information about the camp.

* the remaining of the payment needs to be paid by the 1st of May 24.

Terms & Conditions:  Deposit and full payment are non-refundable.  If you cancel over three weeks before the start of the camp the amount over and above the deposit is transferable to another workshop within the next 5 months.