wild Shakti dance 

Sneak into the Wild Shakti Dance’s rehearsal ~ October 2018

Dive in a cauldron of transformation

 And unleash your wild wisdom.

Women, your innate connection with Nature and the life force flowing inside you are waiting for you to tap into them.

Come and join us to boost every aspect of your life with inspiration, aliveness, playfulness and the wilderness’s wisdom coursing through your veins.

From an embodied and soulful place, I will lead through some Wild Shakti Dance with live musicians, some circle time and exploration of yourself in the woods.

Shakti represents the feminine life energy which moves through the universe giving birth to nature, power, movement, flow and change. For many generations this natural force has been pushed down, judged and feared.

The Wild Shakti Dance is a free form of dance movement inspired by the work of Jewels Wingfield. It is based on the energy of the spiral, rooted in earth based connection and connects us with the visceral and instinctual wisdom within ourselves. We will also explore ourselves in direct connection with Nature. Be ready to be surprised !

Why you might want to come to a Wild Shakti Day :

– To feel more comfortable in your body
– To have access to a source of vitality inside you
– To connect to your intuition and instinct
– To feel more intimacy and playfulness in your relationships
– To feel more connected and nourished by Nature


“Wild Shakti Days workshops have been an important and powerful part of my journey into a delicious and knowing relationship with my body, with my sexuality, with my feminine and with the divine feminine. I leave this space with a deep sense of love for my body and my being, for my sisters, and a sweet and tender appreciation of how much I need the men and the masculine in my life. I dance, I cry, I weep, I love, I am loved, I am held. I am returning home feeling balanced and at peace. Thank you Christie, beautiful woman, I can’t wait until the next one.”

Ruth Couthino

Freelance Makeup Artist



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” Wild Shakti dance is helping me unravel tension, awaken my sensuality and contact my innate body wisdom, which is supporting me greatly in my healing from chronic digestive illness. Christie’s fluid, warm and evocative guidance weaves me into a deep-rooted connection to the earth. She is so comfortable in her skin and so alive to all that is unfolding within her – simply being in her presence inspires me and calls me home to my centre. “

Sophie Jane Mortimer

Marketing Consultant

“Christie’s ability to hold such a sacred, safe space was a big part of my Shakti Dance experience. Her eyes are able to see through my stories, see through my layers of ‘I’m too much, I can’t do that, they will judge me…’ and allow me to stand on the edge of overwhelm, feeling the joy and beauty of being in my body fully. Being guided through our bodies elements, when we reached our inner fire, I was met with so much energy, what a pleasure to let it free! Christie is very special, I’m grateful to have her in my life.”

Sarah Anne

Shiatsu and acupuncture student

“I just wanted to thank you for the WIld Shakti Day.  I loved the dance so much, it felt so good to connect in that way and so deeply.  In the woods I felt so at home and free, it was a very special time.  It’s quite a new experience for me to sit in circle so I find it quite hard to talk aloud but I’m learning to relax more and not to be so nervous. Christie was amazing with her voice and the live music was wonderful – it really helped me to connect and absorb the energy.  It was really uplifting, I’ve felt so happy since!”

Sarah Luxton

Small Business owner



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