Introduction to the year training Transforming Dialogue weekend

DISCOVERING who we are and how we work
TOUCHING a deeper level of consciousness
TRANSFORMING belief systems into inner awareness

This Voice Dialogue year course is for a broad spectrum of practitioners, those already working in some way with people, those training to do so or planning to do so. For example : coach, teacher, psychologist, counsellor, psychotherapist, healer, homeopathic practitioner, doctor, psychiatric nurse, social worker, physiotherapists, and more.

Peter Dellensen, Trilby Fairfax and staff: Sara Drew, Pia Kruithof and Christie Animas.

The approach used in the training course is the Psychology of Selves, using Voice Dialogue as the main tool. Voice Dialogue helps to make a bridge between meditation and therapy, and serves as a mental health care tool, whether we are talking to people or working with them — it works in many different ways. You will have the opportunity to learn this way of working for yourself and your own wellbeing, and also to practice using it in facilitating others. You will receive a certificate for CPD ( Continuing Professional Development).

The year course consists of four weekends from Friday 8 pm to Sunday 6 pm. DATES: 15-17 November 2019/ 31st Jan-2nd Feb 2020/ 17th-19th April 2020/ 3rd-5th July 2020.
It is possible to come to the first weekend as a taster, or possibly the second, before deciding to enrol for more.

Martinstown, close to Dorchester Dorset, out in the country near the woods and 4 miles from the sea.

Email: peterdellensen@mac.com / trilbyfairfax@mac.com
Tel: 01305-889243; mobile uk 07969-076934 or 07971-759717
Website: www.transformingdialogue.com


The Psychology of Selves is a person centred approach developed in America in the 1980’s by psychotherapists Hal and Sidra Stone who started to ‘dialogue’ the different inner voices in each other as a communication method to help gain clarity around issues in their own relationship. They soon realised the enormous potential of the tool they had stumbled upon in this way, and went on to develop Voice Dialogue as a training in self knowledge and conscious transformation based on the concept that our personality is made up of different parts.

This open, fresh approach gives a new perspective on change and leads to enormous and exciting revelations about the different selves: a journey of discovery into yourself as you meet and get to know the different inner voices, some of which have never before had a chance to speak out.

These selves are not merely concepts. We experience them constantly on a practical level in daily life and we actually follow their rules and live according to their belief systems without really knowing and understanding what is happening! Taking time and space to get to know and become aware of the different, and sometimes opposing selves enables us to create space for freedom of choice. Becoming more aware in this way is a life-long process of unfolding.

Transforming Dialogue encourages and inspires connection with a full range of selves from the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes, thus enabling us to transform old patterns and belief systems into inner awareness in a very practical way. Based on a clear, flexible model of consciousness, and mainly focused in the here-and-now, Peter and Trilby’s approach is largely experiential, while retaining the theoretical basis at all stages. They both trained in Holland and with Hal and Sidra Stone, and have had almost 30 years experience with the Psychology of Selves. They guide the process in a gentle, humorous and inspiring way.

“Peter and Trilby and the rest of the staff are holding a safe and welcoming space for inner transformation to happen. I’m grateful to be part of the community that has built around them over the years, was a truly unique experience that has brought healing and insight into my life.   When I first got to Blagdon it was as if I had entered a whole new world, one that is profoundly welcoming, loving and authentic. I wish our daily lives are more like this! I wholeheartedly recommend this course for those who are ready to explore the various aspects of themselves and become more of who they are. You will learn as much from your personal process as from observing others in their unfolding.” Lili David ~ Coach and mentor for organisational development

“Peter and trilby are wonderful facilitators of groups of people, keeping the delicate balance between leading and stepping back. They have a depth of compassion for all aspects of our humanity that creates a very safe space to go deep. The wisdom and courage of their long term students points to the effectiveness of their work over time. This work is designed to help people really change their lives. Highly recommended!” Ralph Cree ~ Meditation teacher

“What a beautiful and powerful choice I made when I decided to join the training at Blagdon. Besides acquiring a transformative tool to use, not only in my practice but in my everyday life, I deeply enjoyed the holding of the teachers and the feeling of belonging to a community.” Nuria Maya ~ Massage therapist and yoga teacher

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