21st and 28th of February 2022

✨   Being open space from 18.30 ~ Start: 19.00 ~ End: between 21.30 & 22.00

21st of February £25

28th of February £25


“I was hesitant at first about the concept of the zoom platform but was wooed by not having to stir from the safety of my own home in order to find such deep connection with people who I would never have met otherwise. We are there in person together, we so need each other and I find that this is an ideal and brilliant way to be free whilst being held in the cosmic web of technogenius!” Jo Oliver Smith

“I can thoroughly recommend Christie’s online fooling classes. They are an opportunity to give a voice to those characters that live inside you and to let them have their moment in the light, witnessed by others. Being online adds a surprising intimacy to the fooling experience. I always finish a session feeling more settled, grounded and at peace than when I started.” Clifford

“By joining the Fool Expression Online, I get to play something strange and new. In this play I find something so sweet and I see that echoed, like an infinite reflection in the mirror, in the other players who are also reaching out in times like these.  There is a strange tenderness and intimacy in the reaching of our metaphorical hands across the computer screen, where we cannot touch and yet, I find, I am touched nevertheless. I am reminded of my sense of my tribe and that I am not alone in these times of social isolation and destabilisation of our old paradigms.” Josie Seydel

Once you have booked, you will receive a payment confirmation and closer to the workshop some more practical information about the evening closer to the time.

Terms & Conditions:  The payment  are non-refundable.  If you cancel over 10 days before the start of the workshop the amount is transferable to another workshop within the next 5 months.

Artist Credit:  I_Know_Trip