£15 per person

1st March

2nd of March

3rd of March

8th of March

9th of March

10th of March

13th March

14th of March

The workshop is usually booked for the evenings but it can be booked also for the morning or afternoon.

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What about taking the opportunity of this lockdown to gather, learn and connect with each other in a new way?


This is an invitation to spend an evening with friends where you will all connect with yourselves and others in an embodied and supporting way.





You will get to know new aspects of yourself, communicate with each other in a new way and bring the best of each others uniqueness while feeling nourished and deeply touched by the experience.



So here is the invitation:







⭐️ Gather 4 to 8 friends who would be interested by this exploration and attending together. You don’t need to know everyone.



⭐️ Choose together one of these dates : March 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 13, 14. Timing : 19.00 to 21.30 (UK time) (note: timings can be flexible)



⭐️ Contact me on my email, facebook or instagram and I will give you the booking link for that evening and all the details about the gathering.



⭐️ That is it! Ready for a one-off unique evening with your friends?




What is Fool Expression:



Many of us feel called to reclaim all the parts in ourselves, following a deep knowing that there is much more in us that is waiting for us to tap in.




Fool Expression is the work which is calling us as humans to learn to play with the masks in us, some known, some not known yet.



Fool Expression is a deeply playful and transformative process, allowing us to dive deeper into ourselves through a safe connection with ourselves and with the other. In this benevolent container, our human nature is called to open, flow, express and bring transformation.



Be prepared to be touched and surprised by the experience. 

The Fool is this part of us that has no fear, if she/he has fear, she/he will learn to play with it, to show up within all the different aspects of being a human being.



One foot in the known, one foot in the unknown. It is not about being funny, although this might happen too!



To be able to access our Inner Fool, to have the freedom of being fully alive at each moment and sharing that with an audience, we meet and learn to play with a range of masks: the mask of ourselves which holds us back; the one which longs to show up; the one which keeps us small; the one which has a lot to say; the mask who knows; the mask who doesn’t know…


All are welcome. This work comes from the lineage of Franki Anderson.

In this Discovery Evening, I will invite the participants to deepen their relationship with their body, learn the basics of the Fool’s way on stage and explore the relation with an audience.



After the evening you will feel nourished and inspired by your Inner Player. You will have new access to parts you already know, and maybe even parts that you don’t know yet. You will feel supported in a new way by your connection with the audience and will be ready to play more. 



For who is this evening?



You might be:


– looking for strategies to support your mental and emotional wellbeing while navigating the challenges of 2021
– a therapist and you want to find new embodied approach to feed your practice
– an artist and you want to enhance your creative expression and find new resources from which you can express yourself
– you are a parent and you want to craft some time for you and maybe also find a way to be more playful and use this method to connect in new ways with your children
– an activist in you wants to learn to harness the energy of all the aspects in you to enhance your work and daily life with energy
– you are a seeker, maybe in a transition time and want to find out more about yourself and what is next
– you are interested in personal development and spirituality and want to experience an embodied and fun way to touch the mystery inside of yourself
– you are just curious and would like to hang out with friends







“I absolutely loved this workshop. I found it profound, moving, enlivening, challenging and inspiring in that first day. It enabled me to find more compassion for my shadow self – for all the aspects of shadow. It was a beautiful, authentic way of meeting and connecting with others, of seeing them and being seen freshly and compassionately. On the second day, I felt fully able to celebrate the rich textures of humanity I met around me and which I gave presence to myself. I recovered the playful, spontaneous, creative inner child which had got a little overwhelmed and buried with the stresses and pressures of this current world. Since your workshop, I have felt reaffirmed in the world, vivified within myself and determined to find further opportunities to play in life, rather than let life play me! You held us all in that workshop with exquisite gentleness and sensitivity, with a spacious wisdom and depth of respect for the uniqueness of each of us. Thank you for holding this space so lightly, so considerately and in full engagement with the sacred art of play!” Jo Khimba ~ Outreach and Education




“The Fool Expression introduction was really transformative. Christie has a unique ability to create a very safe and nurturing space…really – the strongest, gentlest, warmest I’ve experienced. I am transformed by the introduction to the masks. Wearing my doctor, scientist, human-interest mask : I can see how play bypasses the barriers and walls we have created in our fear-based reaction to life. Making contact with people through their ‘masks’ seemed to be the essence of consultation – moments of authentic expression and the silence that often naturally follows. I have been introduced to my own illusions, the illusions I create in the wearing of my masks. Ongoing to med school at age 19, I had one question, ‘What makes us unwell and what makes us well again?” I believe Fool Expression must be one of the most effective ways to explore that question.” Annabel Smart ~ GP


Once you have booked, you will receive a payment confirmation and more practical information about the workshop.  Terms & Conditions:  The payments are non-refundable.