8th-13rd June 2021 




✨ Are you ready to immerse yourself in the Fool Expression’s work ?

The camp is for all the players who have already been introduced to Fool Expression over a weekend. See the calendar page to find the next Introduction.

The Spring camp is an immersion into the Fool’s play, outstanding nature, campfire, wild swimming, cacao ceremony and play in a dome.

The camp is also “8 shields inspired” which brings all the archetypes of the wheel into the exploration of creating a village and in the play.

Fool Expression is calling us as humans to learn to play with all the masks or parts in ourselves. Some known, some not known yet. This way we connect to more aliveness, creativity, inner peace, connection with others and with ourselves.

It is a deeply playful and transformative process. It allows us to dive deeper into ourselves through a safe connection with an audience. In this benevolent container, our human nature is called to open, express and bring transformation.

The fool is the part of us that can journey from one aspect of ourselves to another. He/ She/ They harvests the essence and the life force of each aspect, playing it fully, all this without being attached to any. She/ he/ they plays inner dramas as they rise up inside. This for its own sake, but we realise soon enough that we play also for the audience.5Fool Expression brings conscious gathering back into the centre of the community. A place to play, and most important to just be who we are, with all the quirkiness that goes with it.

This way we remember and experience in an embodied way the mystery that links us all together.

One foot in the known, one foot in the unknown the Fool is free, curious and fully alive.

To have the freedom of being fully alive at each moment and sharing that with others, we meet and learn to enter different parts or masks: the one who holds us back; the ones who long to show up and be free; the one who keeps us small; the one who is righteous, cheeky; the one who knows; the one who doesn’t know…

In this Camp, I will invite the participants to deepen their relation with the body, learn the basics of ‘Fool Expression’, explore and learn how to play with the different masks/ personalities in ourselves and explore the safe and supportive relationship with an audience.

This work comes from the lineage of the Fool work of Franki Anderson. It is also based on the Voice Dialogue model of consciousness and the psychology of selves and is trauma informed.


– an embodied sense of a home base within you
– practical tools to come closer to yourself in your daily life
– a better understanding of parts of yourself and a new relationship with them
– many new parts in you that have shown up and are now available
– an access to who you are beyond all these parts in you
– you will feel nourished and inspired by your inner player
– a supportive and safe connection with the other and with nature
– a sense of your place in a creative village
– lots of energy and excitement
– the desire to play in your daily lifeWhere: Hittisleigh Mid Devon

Price: £300 (food not included) Deposit £130

Places limited.

We will respect the Covid Regulations if necessary. If for some reason linked to the Covid pandemic the camp needs to be cancelled, the payments will be refunded.

Once you have booked yourself, you will receive a payment confirmation and closer to the event you will receive some more practical information about the camp.

* the remaining of the payment needs to be paid by the 4th of May 21.

Terms & Conditions:  Deposit and full payment are non-refundable.  If you cancel over two weeks before the start of the workshop the amount over and above the deposit is transferable to another workshop within the next 5 months. In case of a Covid outbreak and the Camp having to be cancelled, the camp fees will be totally refunded.